5 Small Business Consulting Tips for Ontario, California

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5 Small Business Consulting Tips for Ontario, California

Whether it be about developing your company’s own visual aesthetic, social media marketing, or even generating leads, small business consulting can help take you to the next level.  That’s why Transformational Growth would like to present the 5 following tips for businesses in Ontario, California.  These days, there are probably so many businesses in your field that it’s difficult for newer and smaller businesses to stand out and sustain.  The following tips are meant to help you do both.  By considering them and implementing them into how you conduct day-to-day business, you should be able to both grow and maintain your customer base.  

  1. Provide Incentives for Customer Referrals

    Some of the best leads that you’ll ever have to help you generate new customers are your current customers.  People that are referred to your business by their friends, coworkers, etc., who are already customers of yours are much more likely to give your business a shot than they would be if they just saw a regular marketing campaign.  Referrals are given and taken on a personal basis, and thus bear more weight since they are built on trust.  In other words, if someone’s neighbor suggest that they use a certain mechanic, then they are much more likely to hire that mechanic then they would be if they were to find out about them through a different way because they can trust the recommendation and the person it’s coming from.  Therefore, it’d be a great idea for you to try and get as many customer referrals as possible.  Perhaps consider offering a discount to both parties if someone visits your business for the first time based off of a referral.  Maybe you can give small gifts to customers who write good, detailed Yelp reviews of their experiences with your business.  You can do any number of things, but the goal here is to give your customers a reason to want to bring more traffic to your business.  

  2. Use Social Media to Find the Right Target Audience

    Social Media is now an indispensible tool for any business, but especially for small ones looking to expand.  It is not merely another platform on which you should launch a regular marketing campaign, with ads and special offers.  Instead, social media sites can give you an inside look into what your potential customers are searching for.  Explore hashtags and trending posts to see what’s popular in your field at the moment.  Join discussions and forums to find out what questions people are asking that you can answer.  You can then integrate those answers into your marketing campaign.  For instance, if you find that a lot of people are asking, “What kind of furniture should I purchase for my break room?” and you are a furniture company, then you should create a post on break room furniture.  In this sense, you can stay ahead of the curb and let people know that you are a very active company.

  3. Stay Positive

    This is the most important piece of small business consulting advice that there is to give.  It’s not always easy to stay positive, especially in times of darkness, but it’s important that you do.  There are hits that every business takes at one point or another, but the real test is how quickly you get back up again.  You’re going to lose some customers, you’re going to lose some money, you’re going to be stressed out.  However you deal with these types of issues will reflect how successful you’re going to be.  Stay positive and keep your mind focused on achieving your goal.  You should always be thinking about what the next step is, and about how you can learn from your mistakes.  For instance, if you have a band experience with a customer, consider how you can prevent that from happening again in the future.  If you let every bad experience weigh you down, it’s going to be really hard to move upwards.  Stay focused and you can persevere through any situation.

  4. Brand Your Business

    Your company should be immediately recognizable and easily remembered.  Every time someone sees your business’ logo, they should associate it  with your company name, product, and hopefully you, right away.  Consider the Nike, Apple, and Target logos: They are all easily recognized and associated with the businesses they represent.  This is because they are, above all things, simple.  Keep this in mind when designing your own company logo.  Choose two or three colors that are pretty basic.  Have one focus point on your design: you don’t want your business to be represented by a collage.  Once you have your logo, utilize it as often as you can.  You should also utilize the company colors, as they will be associated with and support the logo.  Consider painting a wall in your office building with the colors of your company and maybe even displaying your logo.  Once your business has a brand, it should be immersed in it.  Utilize it as much as you can and your business will develop another dimension of appeal.  Here’s a great video about branding your business.

  5. Be Friendly With Your Competitors

    This is a piece of small business consulting advice that a lot of people never expect to receive, but in the end can truly make a difference.  There really is a reason that friendly competition is considered healthy.  First of all, it immerses you into your industry.  By making connections, you are ultimately expanding your network and business possibilities.  You are also establishing yourself as a trusted business.  If a customer comes in and requests a service or product which you cannot supply, direct them to a business in the area who can.  This friendly mentality can pay off by having them do the same for you.  Just as in any area of life, it’s best to become friends instead of enemies with your competitors.  

    These tips are meant to help you expand your small business in Ontario, California.  As the best small business consulting program in Ontario, Transformational Growth is proud to present them to you in the hopes that they will assist you.  Visit our website to see how we can help you and your business, or even to schedule a free one hour session.  At Transformational Growth, your wellness is our priority.  


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